LeRoy Youth Football and Cheerleading League

2023 LYFC Coaching Application



The LeRoy Youth Football & Cheer (LYFC) Board of Directors has elected to put a formal coach selection process in place for all incoming coaches. This process includes a formal application, which will be reviewed and approved by the LYFC Board. You will be contacted via phone or email if the Board has any specific questions regarding your application.


This application must be filled out in its entirety.  All Head Coach applications will be held in confidence until a Head Coach is selected. Applications must be received prior to April 1, 2022 to be considered for a coaching position for the upcoming season.


Once the Board has reviewed the applications, an individual interview may be scheduled at the discretion of the Board. 


Please direct questions to:

Kyle Goodenough (President) at 585-331-1829, Andrew Costa (VP Football) at 703-3626-1670 or Danielle Wojtasczyk (VP Cheerleading) at 585-536-6333.